Headshot and Biography


Aaron Scully's acting experience encompasses diverse roles across film, theatre and telivision. His range of television appearances include Deadly WomenThe Alice, as well as National Geographic Channel's acclaimed Mystery Files series, in which he played the historical figures of Robin Hood and Richard III, filmed in Wales, UK and distributed worldwide. He has also performed the leading role in a number of feature films including Monkeyshine shot in Northamptonshire and The Channel Islands (UK), Souvenir, filmed in Australia and Thailand, and Virtuous.

Scully has picked up acting awards from numerous international film festivals. He was awarded Best Actor at ACTIONFest (2007) as well as Best Actors Showcase in both Yosemite International Film Festival (2009) and Nevada Film Festival (2009).

Scully played a supporting role as the enigmatic Craig Steadman in the thriller I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer, and also appears in the films Terminus and Gabriel. Scully attended the 2006 Cannes Film Festival to promote Souvenir, which screened in Marche du Films.

In addition to his acting acting portfolio, Scully has filmed documentary-style promotional material in Europe, Asia and Africa for the international tour company, Kumuka.